At CCCS our desire is to provide a Christ-centered education for our children.  In other words, we want the Bible to be the central theme of all of their education and to fulfill our God-given mandate in Matthew 28:19-20.  We want all subjects to be measured by the standard of God’s Word and to teach our children creationism, morals, ethics, and what it is to be an Acts 2:42 Christian!

Oh, how we’ve grown from a small elementary school to a school ministering to nearly 800 kindergarten through 12th grade students, including over 100 in our Grizzly Academy satellite school.  We are also excited to have our pre-school available to bless families with younger children.

Over the years we’ve gone through many transformations, continually growing until finally we were able to add our high school. Our campus now includes a gym, weight room, biology lab, chemistry lab, choral and instrumental music rooms, art room, computer lab, culinary arts lab, elementary and high school libraries, and many more classrooms.

We’ve seen triumph in our staff, faculty members, students, and administrators alike! You can recognize and experience the victories going to chapels, school plays, musicals and games, as you walk the hallways, and sit in the classrooms! Yet, we are living in critical days. More than ever this year’s theme, “Be Transformed” from Romans 12:2, applies as it encourages us to not follow the patterns of this world, but to renew our minds in God’s Word on a daily basis!

God is good, allowing our staff to be one of three necessary supports for our young people. I see it as a tripod – three supports holding up our students. The most important support is that of being raised in Christian homes with parents who love and follow Jesus. A second support comes from the students’ own church lifting them up in prayer and ministry. As for the third leg of stability, it’s been our awesome privilege and responsibility as teachers, coaches and mentors to support our students in this part of their journey, to “lead them to the Rock that is higher than they are” and to help them take a step of faith to serve Him!

My prayer for the future is that we will continue to hold our children up and pray that the principle of Proverbs 22:6 will become a reality. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

We look for this year to be our greatest year ever, in terms of ministry and seeing many saved.  Should our Lord tarry, we anticipate even greater years ahead!

Remember to “Be Transformed!”

In Calvary Love,

Pastor Jeff Signature

Pastor Jeff Johnson