Instrumental Music Classes

Music education is of great benefit to your child’s educational development.  As students participate in music classes, scientific studies have shown positive associations between music education and increased abilities in linguistic, mathematical, and spatial domains in children.  Those who receive musical instruction, demonstrate significantly better performance on vocabulary and verbal sequencing than students who do not receive musical instruction.  All courses are taught by professional teacher/musicians who have a college degree.

Junior High  Grizzlies Band

The Middle School Grizzlies Band consists of musicians with two or more years of music instruction. The band actively prepares for performances both on and off campus.

Junior High School Strings Orchestra

Students in the Junior High School Strings Orchestra have been playing their instrument for more than two years.  Students must be prepared to provide their own instruments although a limited number of these instruments may be available to be loaned to them. Students who transfer from other schools may audition for this class.

For additional information on our instrumental music program, please choose the “Contact” pull down menu from the top of the page, click “Junior High,” and send us an email.  We will contact the appropriate music instructor for response.




Parent Resources

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